What Can You Cook From Frozen?

Gone are the days of defrosting everything you buy frozen before you eat it. Many commercially frozen products can be cooked directly from frozen, including meats, vegetables and even baked goods.

As always, you can use our tips as a guide but make sure to follow the package instructions for specific guidelines.

Here are some examples of food you might not have known could be cooked straight from frozen:

CoolCookery2-01 What Can You Cook From Frozen?

Frozen products now cover such a broad range from single ingredients and seasonings, to semi-prepared meat and fish, to fully prepared meals.

The majority of frozen food products bought from the supermarket can be cooked straight from frozen.

You can buy a huge range of options such as commercially frozen sausages, fish portions or chicken breasts that can be used when needed with any excess simply put back in the freezer for next time, saving a lot of wasted food.

Pre-prepared ingredients such as vegetables and even herbs and seasonings such as garlic and chilli are incredibly popular and easy to get hold of. Diced onions and sliced mushrooms or peppers are ready to take out of the freezer and cook from frozen or add to sauces and stews immediately. For top tips on how to use frozen vegetables, head here: http://coolcookery.co.uk/homecooks-frozen-veg/. You can even purchase on-trend products such as avocado in halves or slices to use in guacamole or to defrost for your lunchtime salad!

Frozen fruit is another time-saver in the kitchen for making smoothies, overnight oats or simply defrost overnight to add to your morning breakfast. Simply add your berries from frozen and store the rest in the freezer for another time, find out more tips here: http://coolcookery.co.uk/homecooks-frozen-fruit/